About Us


CA Trust PAC is a independent member of TGS Global Network Limited, an international network of professional business advisors.


CA Trust PAC is formed by amalgamating Tan Teo & Partners PAC (formerly known as Tan, Teo & Partners), which was founded by Paul Tan, Lee Yeok Chai & Co Pac and CPA Trust PAC, on 1 January 2013, under section 215 of the Companies Act Chapter 50.






We work together and respect each individuals' opinions to create and bring greater value to each other and to our clients.


We are committed to providing professional services of the highest quality to our clients, regardless of whether they are Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or Multi-National Corporations (MNCs).


We are results-oriented and we recognise the importance of maintaining a continuous professional relationship and constant, regular engagement and interaction with our valued clients at all levels.


Our philosophy when accepting any engagement is that our final report, opinion or advice must be independent, objective, reliable, relevant and practical.