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Joining the TGS Global Network


On 01 July 2012, Tan, Teo & Partners PAC became a proud member of the TGS Global network , a dynamic international network of professional accounting and taxation firms that want to be able to provide referrals for their clients to a known entity overseas in order to target and win multi-national clients.


This comes as welcome news for many of our clients who have often enquired if we are able to recommend professional service providers for their overseas business operations, be it for foreign subsidiaries, business associates or branches. With the joining of the TGS Global network, we can now proudly refer clients who require such professional services to our counterparts in many parts of the world and be assured that they will be receiving services which are of the highest quality. This is in line with our company’s objectives.


TGS members are carefully selected based on their firm values, their quality standards and their approach to client care. Only those that recognize the importance of these areas and the value of international business and referrals are invited to be members. Therefore, we are confident that our esteemed clients we refer to our TGS member firms will be well taken care of. Similarly, our counterparts will be assured of the same level of excellence when they refer their clients to us.


Do let us know if you need clarifications - we would be most happy to discuss them with you.