Online Business Valuation - Added Value for Clients


As part of our continuous effort to add and create value for our clients, we have licensed an online business valuation software (1) that lets us streamline and enhance the business valuation process.


This online business valuation software gives us a dedicated platform that harnesses sophisticated algorithms and big data so that we can perform business valuation of our client businesses promptly, accurately and cost efficiently compared to traditional offline business valuation methods.


At CA TRUST, we have been providing professional services since 1995, including as assurance, taxation, accounting and other finance related services.  We know these traditional compliance services are important to our clients as they usually serve a statutory requirement purpose. However, we believe our clients are interested and would probably appreciate our business advisory capabilities. With the addition of this sophisticated business valuation software, we have the power of big data and cloud-based valuation to offer valuation service in more effective and efficient manner enabling us to demonstrate our real value to our clients.


Like all business owners, our clients worked very hard, often spending long hours each working day, taking numerous risks over many years, to grow and establish their business. One of the most important question in the business owner’s mind is invariably value of their business.


There are many reasons why business owners ought to know the value of their business, including:


  • When selling or preparing to sell your business

  • When buying or looking to buy a business

  • For employee stock option plans

  • To ensure insurance coverage fully reflects the value of your business

  • In raising funds – debt or equity

  • For succession planning

  • As an important barometer of the business – the health and prospects of the business is directly linked to the value of the business


With this online business valuation software, we can quickly and cost efficiently let our client know the value of their business.


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(1) This online business valuation tool is developed by BizEquity.  BizEquity has valued more than 29.4 million businesses worldwide to date, with revenue ranging from $35,000 to $375 million.

It has also been granted seven patents for its revolutionary cloud-based and big data-enabled platform.