Portfolio of Clients


Our portfolio of clients includes both local companies, the Small & Medium Size (SME) companies as well as a local and overseas multi-national companies (MNCs) particularly in People's Republic of China.


Our clients are involved in the following industries:


  • Industrial, Trading and Manufacturing

Manufacturing, wholesale and retail of electronic products, machineries, precision tools, etc.


  • Financial Services

Insurance brokers, financial advisory companies, money changers, remittances agencies licensed by Monetary Authority of Singapore.


  • Professional Services

Solicitors and advocates firms, architectural firms and medical firms.


  • Food and Beverages

Preparation, wholesale and retail of canned and cooked food.


  • General Service Providers

Computer services, brochures designers and printers, dedicated packaging service providers, shipping and ship management services etc.


  • Real Estate, Property and Construction

Property developers, building contractors, renovation contractors.


  • Information Technology

Computer assembly, computer repair and maintenance, website designers, e-commence turnkey service providers etc.


  • Oil & Gas

Oil, petroleum, gas traders and wholesalers.


From an understanding of your business and a knowledge of the latest industry issues and trends, we deliver quality services to help and grow your industy position.