Range of Services

  • Auditing & Assurance Business

Focusing on Small and Medium Enterprises, our assurance practice assists you in managing the risks so you can focus on your business. By understanding your business, we are able to deliver value to you by uncovering the hidden opportunities that can help you achieve efficiency, enhanced performance and to achieve your business objectives. We are also dedicated to provide individual attention to your requirements.


  • Payroll Services

We provide full support for payroll / human resource function. Computerized payroll software is used to help manage payroll function, integrating and facilitating payments of salaries and CPF online, generation of annual IR8A, calculation of pro-rated salary, NSmen pay etc. Confidential computerized pay-slips and or electronic pay-slips are issued to individual staff.


  • Other Professional Services

We also provide services such as internal auditing, business planning, business valuation etc.


  • Accountancy

Our accountancy department is geared towards modern and efficient computerized accounting systems. We assist in the selection, design and implementation of accounting systems.


  • Taxation

We provide a full range of services from statutory corporate and individual compliance and reporting to strategic tax planning and advisory work. Our highly – experienced professional are skilled in negotiating the resolution of taxation disputes with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore.


  • Insolvency and Restructuring Services

We are experienced in roles as Liquidators, Judicial Managers and Managers of Scheme of Arrangement for companies that are insolvent or facing solvency issues. We have a good track record of turning around such companies


We provide professional insights to help organisations negotiate risks and out-perform in today's dynamic business environment.

CA Trust PAC services are designed to offer our clients the insights and execution strategies that no business can do without. We work in an innovative environment that enables us to help you anticipate, define, and solve issues that are important to your success. At CA TRUST PAC, we have a team of experienced professional and leaders to assure you that our services are of the highest professional standards and our ability to deliver our services effectively.